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A Mentor is a guide, a friend, a resource who successfully navigated the college life and the beyond.  As a Mentor, your role is to inspire, inform, guide, encourage, and support your Mentee, and to contribute to the Mentee's personal and academic development.  In this role you have an opportunity to put your energy, creativity, and vision to work in making an important difference in a college student's life.
What can a Mentor offer?
Social and Emotional Support: Provide friendship and guidance and offer yourself as a person your student can talk to; introduce your student to other positive role models who have gone through similar experiences.
Academic Support: Teach students how to approach faculty and staff about course work; discuss graduate school/professional school options and your experiences of attending graduate and/or professional schools.
Personal Development: Encourage your student as he/she sets goals and achieves them.
Career Development: Advise your student on career options by discussing particular fields of interest, sharing your experiences of working-life, and by taking your student to work and having him/her "shadow" you at your workplace.
To sign up, complete the mentor registration form and submit it online.